Our Service Offering

Referral Experience

With industry leading education and weekly meetings to build strong connections with other members, you get the opportunity to build exceptional levels of trust in what you love to do – and your fellow members acknowledge that trust with high quality, highly qualified and highly profitable referrals.

Visitor Experience

Considerable effort goes into building and running a great meeting every week.  When you invite visitors from your network, they can be assured of a great experience and exposure to high quality providers for their business and personal needs.

Tangible Authority

Tangible Authority in your area of expertise – to become a member you are stringently vetted by the members of BNI Momentum, and once you’re accepted as a member, you can be justifiably proud of the fact that you made the grade.  Visitors and our networks view this “due diligence” by BNI Momentum as a very clear indication of your quality and professionalism, which helps build trust in your services quickly to our broader networks and visitors.

Time Investment

An investment of time in you and your business from the whole group – the system of getting to know, like and trust you isn’t limited to our weekly meetings.  On joining BNI Momentum you will find that each member will be ready to meet you and learn more about how you work with your customers/clients so that you are building powerful relationships right away.

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